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Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

More Eyes and Ears For Less Money

“It is always difficult to find a system that fits within our budget and meets our long-term retention requirements. Cozaint’s askALICE has been an ideal fit for our surveillance recording needs and our budget,” said Senior IT Analyst, City of Oceanside, CA.

Enterprise VMS & Affordable Storage

askALICE is our patent-pending award-winning platform is an enterprise-grade professional video surveillance system with the most affordable long-term retention on the market. Store more video for less costs.

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Standalone Security Observation Tower

BOBBY Tower is an interactive standalone security observation tower unit delivering real-time situational awareness providing 360-degree surveillance and an interactive visitor touchscreen

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Wall Mount Security Kiosk

BOBBY-W is an interactive wall-mount security observation kiosk that delivers critical real-time situational awareness to enhance an organization’s security needs.

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Mini Security Kiosk

BOBBY-M is a small form factor (13.5″w x 9.5″h) security observation and monitoring kiosk that fits into various environments and locations to provide 24/7 continuous security services.

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BOBBY Cart is a small mobile vehicle that is equipped with the Cozaint PSAS Security Platform, 360-degree video surveillance, and additional security capabilities.

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Professional VMS

BOBBYvms is a powerful enterprise-grade video surveillance software (VMS) package with a simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, and numerous built-in video analytic capabilities.

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BOBBY: a term for a London Police Officer: Cozaint’s BOBBY is a complete physical security platform that delivers a comprehensive situational awareness security solution. BOBBY provides a “SMART” security platform that delivers the most wide-ranging situational awareness that is easily scalable and expandable.

Enterprise VMS

Professional-grade video management system with patent-pending multi-tiered storage with easy to use video playback.

Access Control

Integrated Access Control capabilities with Smart Phone or Facial Recognition credentials.

Smart Sensors

Mix and Match from hundreds of IoT Smart Sensors to monitor your environment. From Door/Window to Water Leak Sensors.


The patent-pending Cozaint askALICE platform is an enterprise-level professional-grade video surveillance system with the most affordable long-term retention on the market. With a unique yet reliable and industry-proven storage solution, the Cozaint askALICE video surveillance system can provide scalable long-term video retention at significantly lower costs over traditional hard-disk only storage retention systems.

People Love Our Solutions

Learn why the Cozaint physical security platform and video surveillance management solutions deliver MORE for LESS. Let us show you how we can help provide greater peace of mind for your organization.

Patent-Pending Features

Take a quick look at how askALICE delivers the most affordable video surveillance storage while at the same time providing the easiest video playback capabilities for the video operator.







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