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🎥 Psst…Hey Video Surveillance Integrators! 🎥

Looking for Affordable Storage Perfection? 🕶️ Introducing askALICE™ –

Don’t be shocked! You really can afford more video retention! Save Money, Save Time, and Save Energy (Literally: Go Green Here) 🎉 🌟

A Storage Retention System That’s Cooler Than 50Cent 🌟

Ditch the traditional video retention woes and embrace the askALICE magic! We’ve got a trick up our sleeve to make video surveillance storage a breeze!

💡 Sayonara, Expensive Storage Woes! 💡

No more shelling out big bucks for video storage! With askALICE™, you get the best of both worlds – easy, direct, video playback for the operator, and affordable storage for the savvy spender! Cha-ching!

💰💥 Zoom, zoom, ZOOM!

Our 2-tier storage solution ensures that you’ll be playing back footage speedy easy.

Video operators will be able to find crucial moments faster than a cheetah on a skateboard! 🐆🛹 🔋

Energy Savings Are the New Black! 🖤

Let’s get eco-chic! askALICE is all about energy efficiency, giving you the smoothest playback while keeping your energy bills lean and green! It’s a win for your pockets and a win for Mother Earth! 🌿🌎 🔒

Need More Storage Space? We Gotchu! 🔒

Running out of video storage is like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella – a total bummer! But fear not, our askALICE solution has your back, baby! Store all the footage you need without a sweat! 💦😎

Unleash your video storage superhero and upgrade to askALICE™ today! 🦸💻

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