ALICE Delivers More Capabilities.

The patent-pending Cozaint ALICE™ Data And Communications Device is a connected mini data center for BOBBY and BOBBY-W units. ALICE provides significantly more video retention capabilities as well as communication capabilities for external remote monitoring capabilities.

If you are engaging Cozaint BOBBY or BOBBY-W units and need additional video retention capabilities, ALICE can support up to 1-petabyte of video retention as well as provide near-line video retention to optional LTO storage sub-system, all within the ALICE unit.

Need better internet or WiFi connectivity? Engage ALICE to use affordable cellular LTE service and provide your visitors, customers, and employees with additional “hot spot” areas, when integrating with BOBBY and BOBBY-W units.

Always Vigilant Surveillance

ALICE is a standalone video and communication unit designed to expand an organization’s video surveillance retention as well as and Internet connectivity reach. Each ALICE unit is equipped with the latest networking technologies to provide the best upload and download speeds and ability to reach the Cozaint Remote Monitoring Center in times of need.

All BOBBY, BOBBY-W, and ALICE devices are fully supported and serviced by Cozaint Service Centers that routinely inspect and test the Cozaint devices to insure uptime and availability.

Contact the Cozaint Sales Team at 760-975-8000 or at SALES@COZAINT.COM to learn how your organization can obtain a level or surveillance and monitoring for far less than a human security guard.

Redefining Security Guards


We are also franchising the Cozaint Surveillance Platform to those interested in delivering outstanding physical security solutions to corporate, government, educational, and other campus organizations.

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