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The patent-pending Cozaint askALICE platform is an enterprise-level professional-grade video surveillance system with the most affordable long-term retention on the market. With a unique yet reliable and industry-proven storage solution, the Cozaint askALICE video surveillance system can provide scalable long-term video retention at significantly lower costs over traditional hard-disk only storage retention systems. If you need video surveillance storage, you need askALICE.

Let us prove it to you!


Traditional hard-disk only video storage solutions (even with the prices of those very hard drives continuing to decline) become extremely expensive as the amount of video retention (video surveillance storage) is needed. Being able to provide six-months or one-year [or more] of video retention – with today’s larger camera count and high-resolution quality cameras – becomes cost-prohibitive.

Many of today’s larger organizations such as hospitals, airports, university campuses, and casinos find themselves needing a video surveillance system as either a replacement for an aging CCTV system or as a brand-new installation. Often, this is in response to a growing expectation that video evidence will be available in the event of a crime, accident, or other incident.

In today’s society, the first thing a law enforcement agency or legal representative of either party in a dispute will ask for is a copy of any available video footage of the incident in question. The ability to quickly and easily provide high resolution video evidence of the incident in question will be important in narrowing down suspects in case of a crime. The same video evidence can limit the liability of an organization in case of a lawsuit.

In other cases, the need for a video surveillance system may be driven by regulatory requirements, such as in the health care industry, tort liabilities, or new cannabis laws. These requirements can be national, statewide, or local.


Cozaint has taken the requirements of an ideal network video recording system and put together the multi-tiered video retention storage system –askALICE– to fulfill the needs of most medium to large (and very large) installations. Combining ideal specified server hardware -with innovative and professional-grade surveillance software- Cozaint has developed the most affordable, flexible, long-term video retention solution on the market that is both easy to use and maintain.

askALICE consists of a first tier of RAID-5 based hard-disk drive network attached storage (NAS) unit plus a LTO-based library.

To keep the overall costs to a minimum, once the needed video retention is calculated (submit your details below to get a custom video storage calculation), we recommend just 10% of that needed retention to be in first-tier hard disk capacity.

This will provide the video operator with the ability to have immediate access to the most recently recorded video. (Watch the 3-min demo video here.)

All of the surveillance camera video will be stored on second-tier LTO storage. The video operator will also be able to simply move the video management software (VMS) timeline scrubber bar to access any recorded video.

AskALICE comes complete with the BOBBYvms professional VMS Software, Tier-1 NAS storage, Tier-2 Storage, cables, and a 1-year warranty. — Let Cozaint provide you with a custom quote.

askALICE patent-pending solution
askALICE patent-pending solution
askALICE wait dialog to playback all recorded video
askALICE wait dialog to playback all recorded video
A 100-camera askALICE example that saves 64% over a traditional system

Pricing Comparison:

askALICE Solution
500TB of Video Storage
Traditional HD
askALICE Solution
2.25PB of Video Storage
Traditional HD
Total Retention:500 TB500 TB2,250 TB2,250 TB
Instant Retention:50 TB500 TB225 TB2,250 TB
Servers Needed:118221
Hard Drives Needed:65130188
LTO LibraryRAID6LTO LibraryRAID6
LTO Library Base Units1010
LTO Slots Needed8303750
LTO Drives Needed2040
LTO Expansion Units1040
Total Costs:$62,104$112,287$149,413$366,612
Based on 2022 hardware costs. For comparison information only. Call to get your free quote.

Tell us about your camera environment and how much retention you want for your system and we will provide you with a report on the benefits and costs savings of the askALICE 2-tier video surveillance storage solution. Tell us the number of cameras you have (or want), the frame rate, resolution, motion, and the number of days you need (or want), and Cozaint will calculator the needed storage requirement and how the askALICE solution can significantly save on the complete costs of such a system.

Selected Value: 0
Selected Value: 10
Selection the number of days of video retention (storage) you wish for all of these cameras
Choose the average camera resolution wanted to record and store video
Selected Value: 10
Selected Value: 5

Watch the Cozaint askALICE detailed usage video.

In this video, you will see an unedited version of the askALICE system utilizing the BOBBYvms video management software to use the camera timeline to move back a significant amount of time that would force the recall of video to come from the second tier of storage. This video highlights the overall short amount of time the operator needs to wait for the video to begin playback. Note: The video operator needs not do any other actions to playback the desired video. (8 minute video)

Watch the 3-minute askALICE overview video

This is an edited version of the above video showcasing the easy of use in which the video operator of the VMS can move about on the timeline and pull back and play any video under management. (3 minute video)

Cozaint CEO Presentation on LTO 2-Tier Storage for Video Surveillance.

During the FUJIFILM 12th Annual Executive Summit, Cozaint CEO Jay Jason Bartlett presented the advantages of a proper implementation of LTO storage in a video surveillance solution. Bartlett highlights where the video surveillance market has come from analog systems to IP-based systems and why more knowledge needs to be shared with the industry to understand the many benefits of LTO storage for video surveillance. (26 minutes 12 second video)

askALICE Overview Video

View this overview video for the askALICE multi-tiered video surveillance storage retention solution. (1 minute 29 second video)

askALICE Cost Comparison Datasheet

Learn the details on how a 2-tiered video storage solution -such as askALICE- can deliver significant cost savings over a traditional hard-disk only solution. Find out why it’s more than just “cap ex” costs but see how a “Total Cost of Ownership” also delivers significant costs savings.

askALICE White Paper: Government Agency Need For Long Term Retention

Read how a southern California municipality was able to retain video surveillance at one of its water treatment plants for 365 days -in line with city requirements to keep video for one year- while keeping the overall costs of the solution within their budget.

askALICE Multi-Tier Video Storage White Paper

Learn the ins and outs of multi-tiered storage and why the viability of any VMS system using 2-tier storage comes down to the video operator only using the VMS timeline feature to recall and playback any and all recorded video. And how that can save any organization significant dollars on their video surveillance infrastructure.

askALICE White Paper: Hollywood Comes To Video Surveillance

An article that speaks to the use of LTO Storage in the Media and Entertainment industry and how similar that industry is to the video surveillance market. Learn how the M&E market has been using LTO storage for video -and in some instances required to do so for insurance purposes- for over a decade.

askALICE: Quick Overview data sheet

Get the highlights of the askALICE solution and how its award-winning patent-pending solution can save you money on your video surveillance infrastructure.

askALICE mailer brochure

Quick highlights on the value of the askALICE solution

askALICE Security Today 2020 New Product of the Year Award Winner
askALICE Security Today 2020 New Product of the Year Award Winner

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