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Video Surveillance Storage eBook

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askALICE™ is a complete end-to-end video surveillance management solution. askALICE utilizes a 2-tier storage solution to significantly reduce the costs of a video surveillance storage infrastructure while providing an easy to use video playback experience. Click here to learn more about askALICE.

To gain a better understanding of how askALICE utilizes a 2-tier storage solution, register below for this free 70-page eBook on the overwhelming benefits this solution delivers for either large camera count surveillance environments or where longer term retention in wanted.

Get your free copy of the 70-page Video Surveillance Storage: Implementing A 2-Tier Storage Solution eBook by providing your information below. We hope this eBook is informative and provides an understanding of how video surveillance infrastructures can benefit from implementing a 2-Tier video storage solution that provides for more affordable, scalable, video storage options.


Enter your information below and we will provide you with the free “Video Surveillance Storage: Implementing A 2-Tier Storage Solution” eBook right away. You will be able to download the PDF eBook and start learning how you could save over 40% on your video surveillance storage costs.


Register for this $9.99 value eBook on video surveillance storage and pay nothing!

Get your FREE 70-page eBook by registering above.

Learn how to implement a dramatically less expensive video surveillance storage solution utilizing a 2-Tier storage infrastructure.

Video surveillance systems and video management software (VMS) are essential tools used in the security industry to record, store, and manage security surveillance footage. Traditional VMS technology has relied on hard disk-based storage systems to store that video footage. However, this approach has become increasingly costly as the amount of video data being generated continues to grow exponentially. This is where the concept of a 2-tier video surveillance storage comes into play. In this no-cost eBook we will explore the overall video storage technologies that are currently implemented as well as discuss a viable robust 2-tier storage infrastructure.

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