BOBBY-W Will Help You Be More Secure And Aware.

The patent-pending Cozaint BOBBY-W™ Surveillance and Monitoring Kiosk is a standalone security observation wall-mounted kiosk designed to deliver an overarching umbrella of awareness to organization’s security needs. BOBBY-W can be positioned inside or outside to provide building or secure room access control as well as continual video surveillance recording.

Engage Security Guard Services At A Fraction Of The Cost

  • BOBBY-W: A 14″ by 22″ by 4″ kiosk with 180-degree field of view
  • Integrated with “smart” artificial intelligence technologies in a watchful kiosk unit that scans the area 24/7/365 looking for potentially hazardous situations.
  • Surveillance cameras continually record and allow for video playback 24/7/365.
  • Smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) Sensors detect smoke, motion, and unauthorized door/window access and various other conditions.
  • With the integrated “Cozaint Concierge Service” live agent capability, BOBBY-W visitors can see and talk with a live human when in time of need.
  • Cozaint BOBBY-W units never sleep, never rest, and always monitor your environment.

Always Vigilant Surveillance

BOBBY-W is a wall-mountable “smart” intelligent observation kiosk designed to expand an organization’s surveillance and monitoring reach. Each kiosk is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence (A.I.) smart technologies:

  • Video Analytics for Situational Awareness
  • Audio Analytics for Additional Monitoring
  • Facial Recognition For Access Control
  • SmartPhone Connection For Backup Access Control
  • Available PANIC Button Video/Audio Connection To A Live Agent
  • Close-Range Intercom
  • Long-Range 360° Field Of View
  • Cellular Internet Connectivity
  • WiFi Connectivity For Additional BOBBY, BOBBY-W, And ALICE Communications
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring With Remote Human Monitoring
  • Flashing LED Lights and Siren Functionality
  • Full Audio Integration

All BOBBY, BOBBY-W, and ALICE devices are fully supported and serviced by Cozaint Service Centers that routinely inspect and test the Cozaint devices to insure uptime and availability.

Contact the Cozaint Sales Team at 760-975-8000 or at SALES@COZAINT.COM to learn how your organization can obtain a level or surveillance and monitoring for far less than a human security guard.

Redefining Security Guards


We are also franchising the Cozaint Surveillance Platform to those interested in delivering outstanding physical security solutions to corporate, government, educational, and other campus organizations.

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Headquartered in Miami Florida with offices in San Diego, CA, Cozaint Corporation is a service-disabled veteran owned business. Ask about our GSA Schedule 84 and 70 offerings.