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Cozaint Corp Launches New Physical Security Kiosk To Augment Human Security Guard Environments

SAN DIEGO, CA.—August 10, 2020— Cozaint Corporation, manufacturer of ‘smart’ physical security platforms, today announced the launch of the BOBBY-W wall-mounted physical security kiosk. Available immediately, this ‘Video Surveillance as a Service’ [VSaaS] device has been designed to augment human security guard environments that need additional eyes and ears on their premises.

BOBBY-W is based on a custom, Cozaint-built expandable platform that allows for the integration of a multitude of IoT sensors which allow for the monitoring and alerting of motion, water leaks, door/window opening, room temperature, lighting, and much more. All of these sensors are centrally monitored and the service can interact with an organization’s existing security team.

BOBBY-W standard features include:

  • 24/7 180-degree video surveillance
  • Facial recognition-based access control
  • smartphone-based access control
  • IoT Sensor management
  • Remote monitoring and concierge service
  • Panic communication
  • Expandable platform

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the need of a touchless access control solution and the BOBBY-W physical security kiosk seems to fit the current market requirements. The integration of the BOBBY-W kiosk, along with Cozaint’s facial recognition technology, and Isonas’ Pure IP Access smartphone reader controller using Pure Access is ideal,” stated Fred Sumner, West Region Account Executive at Isonas, Inc. “Cozaint has been great to work with and we’re thrilled that our Pure IP access control API was able to integrate so well into the BOBBY-W platform. “

With 24/7 remote monitoring included with the BOBBY-W service, customers can rest assured their environment has the added protection to deal with unauthorized entries or incidents that could cause personal harm or property damage.

BOBBY-W’s interactive touchscreen display is designed to showcase company news and information (or even specific advertising) as well as communication in cases of emergency to trained remote monitoring staff.

With the current global pandemic challenges, BOBBY-W also has an optional integrated kiosk offering that incorporates the non-contact thermal imaging system from feevr.

“We are delighted to be an available integration partner with Cozaint’s BOBBY-W security kiosk that allows organizations to monitor individuals that may show possible symptoms of an elevated skin temperature as they enter a particular campus,” said Barry Oberholzer, Founder and CEO of X.Labs, the company behind the feevr non-contact thermal imaging system. “We agree that the integration of the feevr platform with the BOBBY-W physical security kiosk delivers enhanced peace-of-mind and situational awareness to an organization.”

Every BOBBY-W wall-mounted kiosk comes standard with Facial Recognition access control utilizing the Isonas Pure IP access control solution with Smartphone authentication capabilities as well as IoT sensors for motion detection, door/window openings, and environmental conditions (temperature, etc).

Another integration partner to the BOBBY platform is the Enterprise Asset Tracking platform from Sympler.

“With Enterprise Asset Tracking, organizations can simply place asset tags (small/thin devices with unique identifiers) onto valuable equipment, keys, lanyards, or even an individual’s wrists with a standard watch band and continually track and locate those company assets,” stated Jeff Debrosse, Principal and Founder of Sympler. “The tags report asset’s positions within the enterprise campus or job site. This information is integrated into the BOBBY-W monitoring platform and an asset’s real-time location, distance, and movement pattern can be quickly determined.”

The BOBBY-W platform is the first in the Cozaint line of physical security kiosks and towers.  Cozaint will be delivering new BOBBY security towers later in 2020.

Pricing and Availability

BOBBY-W wall-mounted physical security kiosks are available as of August 2020 and are rented to customers on a monthly basis, alleviating any capital equipment expenses and maintenance costs.

Complete maintenance and service of the BOBBY-W kiosk is provided throughout the life of agreement as well as 24/7 online technical support and remote monitoring service. Contact Cozaint sales at 760-975-8000 to get a quote. Dealers Welcome.

Additional BOBBY-W physical security kiosk photos are available upon request.

About Cozaint Corp.

Founded in 2018, Cozaint Corporation is a service-disabled veteran-owned business that manufactures and develops ‘smart’ physical security solutions. Physical security towers and kiosks and video surveillance storage systems that deliver 24/7/365 surveillance and peace-of-mind. Cozaint is the developer and manufacturer of the BOBBY, BOBBY-W, ALICE, and askALICE products. Our tower and kiosk units are connected to our live care center for concierge service (and panic connection).

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