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Cozaint Partner Program

Gain a competitive advantage working with Cozaint physical security solutions.

Are you a physical security reseller/integrator or a human security guard company?

Do you want to deliver the best physical security solutions to your end-customers? We invite you to join the Cozaint Partner Program and provide the most affordable video surveillance storage solutions, physical security kiosks, and overarching security solutions and increase your margin opportunity at the same time.

Cozaint MARCIA™

Problem: Expensive disk storage requires concessions in video surveillance quality – lower resolution, fewer cameras, shorter retention times. This means blurry footage and missed critical details when incidents occur.

Solution: MARCIA video storage routing platform. Integrates LTO tape storage with video management systems (VMS) for affordable, high-capacity storage.


  • Breakthrough Retention: Store video for longer periods at a lower cost.
  • Unleash High-Resolution: Record crystal clear video without breaking the bank.
  • Create better outcomes: More cameras and higher resolution means better images at critical moments.
  • Slash Storage Costs: Reduce expenses on hardware, cooling, and electricity.
  • Operationally Viable: All this makes LTO tape usable in a surveillance deployment.

Ideal for: Sites with high video storage demands.

Don’t compromise on video excellence. Choose MARCIA and redefine video surveillance storage.

Our physical security kiosks are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to operate. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that your stationary security robots are always in top condition. With built-in remote monitoring functionality, Cozaint continual monitors the health and operation of the BOBBY devices deployed throughout an organization.

Contact Cozaint’s sales team or fill out the form below to learn more about how to become a Cozaint partner and deliver the best video surveillance storage solution for your clients. We look forward to working with you and provide the peace of mind your clients deserve.

We invite you to join our Cozaint Partner Program: Please complete the contact form below.