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Cozaint Partners with SecureX to Refine Tools of Private Security Industry

Cozaint’s BOBBY Physical Security Kiosks Now Able to Quickly Summon Human Guards

San Diego, CA, July 09, 2021 — For those organizations that do not require 24/7 human security guard presence, nevertheless need around the clock situational awareness, Cozaint has teamed up with SecureX to deliver an integrated physical security solution for the best market value.

Cozaint’s BOBBY platform of physical security kiosks provides 24/7 situational awareness for businesses of all sizes with touchless access control, various IoT security sensors, constant video surveillance, and optional human temperature detection all tied to a remote monitoring center.

Now, for those instances where the BOBBY situational awareness system needs to deploy human security, this new integrated partnership with SecureX will quickly locate and dispatch the closest human guard asset.

“This new partnership constitutes the single greatest leap in physical private security technology since the 1980s. Our customers will be able to receive customized security coverage for a fraction of the price of a standard security contract,” stated Damon Vecchiarelli, Founder and Security Solutions Specialist, SecureX, Inc.

This new on-demand capability significantly reduces the overall costs and response times for an on-site, human only, physical security implementation. With the integration of the Cozaint BOBBY platform to the SecureX Digital Dispatch system, this offering opens private security to businesses and communities that previously could not afford such protection.

The on-demand resource allocation of SecureX, combined with Cozaint BOBBY expanded security platform, delivers the most hyperconverged, economical, and continual security coverage from intelligent security technology devices and human security guards.

“Partnering with SecureX to integrate their on-demand human security guard dispatch solution provides BOBBY customers with that additional physical security presence only at needed times,” stated Jay Jason Bartlett, CEO, Cozaint. “Now, organizations of any size can get the 24/7 situational awareness and then human security guard presence as necessary.”

Learn more about SecureX’s capabilities at and about the Cozaint BOBBY platform at

About Cozaint Corp.
Founded in 2018, Cozaint Corporation is a service-disabled veteran owned business that manufactures and develops “smart” physical security solutions. Physical security towers and kiosks and video surveillance storage systems that deliver 24/7/365 surveillance and peace-of-mind. Our tower and kiosk units are connected to our live care center for concierge assistance (and panic connection).

About SecureX Inc.
Founded in 2016, SecureX is passionate about transforming the private security industry and integrating it with the on-demand market. Building an intelligent and intuitive SaaS-based mobile application, “Digital Dispatch,” SecureX opens private security to the public. Our technology empowers people to protect themselves, their communities, and their loved ones at the push of a button.

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