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LTO Tape Meets Long Term Economical Video Surveillance

You’ve heard of Alexa, and you’re familiar with Siri, now introducing Alice. Actually, its askALICE and its not so much of a digital voice assistant as it is an innovative surveillance system. Cozaint Corporation, a developer of smart physical security products, has revealed their latest solution in askALICE.

This new smart surveillance system is considered by many to be the industry’s most economical video surveillance management hardware and software system, delivering extremely long-term data retention.
The intricacies behind askAlice technology

This technological breakthrough from Cozaint is no ordinary security system. In fact, askALICE delivers an enterprise-grade video management software suite integrated with server and multi-tiered storage that has never been seen before.

Cozaint designed the innovative software, called BOBBYvms, to easily play back video from either initial storage or second-tier storage without any additional steps needed by the surveillance operator. This is all made possible by LTO storage.

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