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A True Game Changer In Video Surveillance Storage: Video Storage Routing Platform.

Cozaint’s Marcia™ delivers the effective process that now allows LTO digital tape to be operationally practical within a VMS/video surveillance storage infrastructure. Marcia breaks through traditional video retention limitations, providing access to significantly longer video storage. Affordably retain video where you CAN keep it longer.

More affordable

Patent-pending Marcia™ platform is an enterprise-level professional-grade video surveillance storage solution that delivers a unique yet reliable and industry-proven storage solution. The Marcia video surveillance storage software can provide scalable long-term video retention at significantly lower costs over traditional hard-disk only storage retention systems. If you need video surveillance storage, you need Marcia.

This changes everything! 

The opportunity isn’t to just spend less money. The opportunity is to create a better solution, more cameras, max frame rate, max resolution, all previous limitations driven by exactly one thing: the cost of storage!

Do you want your VMS Timeline to be this long? How about even longer?

With Marcia, all of your video is accessible via your VMS timeline tool. No other steps. No I.T. personnel involvement to slow down the retrieval and playback of video from any time.

We have proven that adding LTO tape to your video retention strategy makes sense for sites targeting 400-terabytes or more. Much more. Are you an Airport, Casino, College Campus, Hospital,   

But if the cost of storage is limiting your requirements for physical safety and site governance, we should talk.If you don’t know, now you know:  Marcia.

Expensive disk storage requires concessions in video surveillance quality – lower resolution, fewer cameras, shorter retention times. This means blurry footage and missed critical details when incidents occur.

MARCIA video storage routing platform. Integrates LTO tape storage with video management systems (VMS) for affordable, high-capacity storage.

Ideal for: Sites with high video storage demands.

Don’t compromise on video excellence. Choose MARCIA and redefine video surveillance storage.

  • Breakthrough Retention: Store video for longer periods at a lower cost.
  • Unleash High-Resolution: Record crystal clear video without breaking the bank.
  • Create better outcomes: More cameras and higher resolution means better images at critical moments.
  • Slash Storage Costs: Reduce expenses on hardware, cooling, and electricity.
  • Operationally Viable: All this makes LTO tape usable in a surveillance deployment.


 Don’t Let Storage Silence Your Security Voice: 

Why You Deserve Cozaint’s MARCIA

 The effectiveness of a video surveillance system relies on the storage infrastructure supporting it. Storage is the only part of the solution that scales with every decision. Disk storage solutions are expensive, inevitably forcing compromises on resolution and camera count that can have consequences when incidents occur.

Read the complete MARCIA Position Paper here…

Everybody knows digital tape is the preferred and chosen storage media for long-term data retention. 

From large enterprise to hyperscalers, LTO tape plays a critical and pivotal role in allowing these companies to succeed. 

And with A.I. , everything is multiplied. 

To address the obvious opportunity, people have tried previously to use LTO tape in surveillance environments, but you simply can’t separate the operator’s interface from the storage media without causing serious operational issues.  

It’s not just an I.T. issue!

You just can’t separate how you use video from how you store video.  

We think adding LTO tape to your video retention strategy makes sense for sites targeting 400-terabytes or more, anything smaller can be dealt with on disk or in the cloud for even smaller deployments.  


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