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Video Retention Survey

This is a blind survey to see what video surveillance managers and operators are wanting -if costs were of no factor- in their video surveillance retention systems. If we remove any cost considerations, how much video surveillance footage would you WANT to keep for your organization. Share with us your thoughts on why the amount you chose and any factors you have in dealing with your video surveillance retention system.

Thanks for your participation.

Selected Value: 100
Enter the total number of cameras you work with at your organization
Selected Value: 90
Select the number of Days of video retention you would like if costs were -not- a factor in your needs.
Selected Value: 30
Select the FPS you would want to record and store, again keeping costs out of the equation.
Let us know why you want this much video retention. Please share any thoughts or issues with what you see in the market as roadblocks to achieving the video retention you want.