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California Municipality Needs To Keep Video Surveillance For One Year

This White Paper Describes How A Southern California City Utilized Cozaint’s askALICE Video Surveillance Solution To Retain One Year Of Video Surveillance.

The Challenge
California’s state records management requirements dictate retaining certain government-created documents for a period of one year. And upon verification, video surveillance files are considered government records and certain entities are obligated to retain recorded video for a period of at least one year.
Retaining video surveillance recordings on multiple video surveillance cameras within a government agency could be a daunting task, both financially and technologically, over an entire year.

For the City of Oceanside and specifically the San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant –which has over a dozen video surveillance cameras around the facility– the importance of long-term video retention was not only regulatory but also necessary for the security of the facility.

Read the complete “California Municipality Needs To Keep Video Surveillance Retention For One Year: On A Budget” white paper HERE

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